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Located in Yilanciburnu area, near downtown Kusadasi,it is only 3 minutes to Harbour. Sea Garden Dive Center with it’s experienced divers is your pass to wonderful under water world.Open water dive experience starts with Sea Garden staff picking you up from/to your hotel or your home.

For beginners Show dive : You dive to 4 – 6 meters ( 13-20 ft) for about 30 minutes. Minimum age requirement for scuba diving pleasure is 10. Virtually anyone who is in good health and reasonabbly fit can dive.

Beginners start from the beach at our beginners bay in waist deep water with goups of 2 students to 1 instructor. Non-swimmers and nervous people are welcome as well. One to one instruction is given with this group.

Round trip transportation from your hotel to the dive center is provided by Sea Garden Dive Center. Morning hotel transfers are between 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM .Afternoon Hotel transfers are between13:30 PM – 14:30 PM.

Certified Diver Boat Dive : Our diving equipment is controlled regularly and constantly updated.Diving tanks 12 Lt steel tank,walve are int/din .200 BARS 🙂 We prefer morning boat dive, becasue the sea is choppy in the afternoon.But Shore dive is in the morning and afternoon available.

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Koray Canbaz
Koray Canbaz
Diving Instructor