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What Do We Do & See During a Show Dive ?
Firstly we give you half an hour briefing during which time our instructors will explain the use of the equipment, and cover all safety aspects.Once ready and fully equipped, we will lead you After the thrill of breathing & floating weightless beneath the waves on an adventure you will never forget, it ‘s on to the thrill of swimming underwater and hand feeding the friendly fish and witnessing first hand marine life in the kingdom of the sea, and of course meeting “EFE” our friendly Octopus.


To What Depth and for how long ?
Your open water dive takes you as deep as 4-6 metres lasts about half an hour!

. Minimum age 14
. Virtually anyone who is in good health and reasonably fit.

Do I need a doctor’s certificate before diving?
No, however in the interest of safety and enjoyment each student will need to complete a medical statement before you dive into the crystal clear calm and shallow waters of our beautiful beginners bay.Should any queries arise, we have a doctor on the site to assist you.

Do We Jump From the Boat ?
No , beginners start from the beach at our beginners bay in waist deep water with groups of two students to one Instructor.

Can Non Swimmers Try ?
Yes , with non swimmers and nervous people we give one to one instruction. Your own friendly English speaking instructor, who will, if needed hold your hand throughout your dive .

How Do we get to the Dive Centre?
Dont worry! included in the price of your dive are return transfers to & from your hotel.

How can we remember this fantastic experience ?
We capture this special underwater moment on camera and offer you the chance to purchase your photografs.You will also be presented with your Sea Garden Discover Scuba Certificate which will remind you of this amazing experience.

Our customers have told us
“THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF THEIR HOLIDAY” quaranteed you will just love it.

So if you would like to experience this new world then
Book today !!!